Discover Your Hidden Passion With Team Building Baking Challenge!

Why Cupcakes Challenge can be exciting? Because it provides an interactive, exciting and fun approach to enhance teamwork efforts and enable better communication.

Team building baking workshops can even lead to the discovery of a new skill or developing a new passion in an individual. Done in a cosy, non work-related environment, it allows people to work together in teams, facilitate better communication and cooperation in a fun and interactive way.

We have a buffet of classes to choose from, some of which are the popular ones like Cupcake Warriors, Cupcake Challenge, Cake Pops Creation, Cake Baking, Macarons Making, Molten Lava Mastery, Customised Baking and many more.

Experience the fun and engaging moments that will tie hearts together and engrave long-lasting memories in your mind!

At the end of the session, every participant gets to enjoy his/her own creative baking products – the result of the great teamwork with all the team members.

Reveal Your Passion Within!

Have you ever thought of baking but with zero knowledge or hands-on?

We organise teambuilding baking workshops, classes to help you realise your possibly long-hidden inner passion and creativity! It could also lead to your discovery of a new skill. Session will be conducted in a more casual, comfy and non work-related environment and it enhances better communication, encourages teamwork and cooperation in a more fun and engaging way.

We have a spread of workshops to have you spoilt for choices. Some of the popular ones are Cupcake Challenge, Cake rolls Making, Cake Baking, Chocolate Making, Pastries, Customised Baking, Bread making and many more!

What are you waiting for? Engage us now and be prepared to have your staff experience their best bonding times with colleagues, being united and having awesome moments that will be long-printed in their memory.

To conclude the session, each participant will get their own baking products, painstakingly and creatively co-baked with their team members, and they will definitely leave the session feeling fully accomplished with the newfound experience.

    Popular Team Building Workshops

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    Team Building Cupcake Making

    Team Building Pizza Making

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