Halal Cooking Classes

Whether you’re a company looking for team building halal cooking class activities, or a housewife who’s eager to learn to cook simple homemade meals, we offer a wide range of hands on cooking classes that are simple, easy to learn and affordable.


Traditional Authentic Malay Cuisine – Nasi Sambal Goreng

Learn how to cook one of the most iconic Malay heritage recipe.

You definitely do not need any cooking experience to attend. Find out more

Authentic Local Malay Cuisine – Nasi Lemak

Learn the secrets behind the aromatic Nasi Lemak, learn the techniques to marinate and cook your fish/poultry and estimate the suitable amount of ingredients to facilitate your cooking for small or big functions be it just for your own family or for guests. Find out more

Authentic Local Malay Cuisine – Nasi Ambeng

Nasi ambeng or Nasi ambang is a fragrant rice dish that consists of – but is not limited to – steamed white rice, chicken curry or chicken stewed in soy sauce, beef or chicken rendang, sambal goreng urap, bergedel, and serunding. Find out more

Interested to conduct team building halal cooking classes?

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